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Many homeowners today are spending money in order to improve their house and eventually reap the rewards at resale. It’s been proven that any money you put into your house for renovation or improvement will make you more money when you resale. So where to begin? Here are 10 sure way to add value to your home.


10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

  1. Add Life With Paint – By painting the exterior and interior of your home with new paint, your house will increase in value. Great colors to pick are neutral in tones such as browns and sage.
  2. Rip Out Old Flooring – If your kitchen or bathroom vinyl is a bit worn from years of trampling, it is inexpensive to replace. You can also update the look by switching flooring to hardwood, tile or even cork.
  3. Renovate Your Kitchen – For easy remodeling you can switch cabinets and add new hardware. Buying newer appliances also sparks up the kitchen. For more detailed renovation, knocking out a wall will add more space and light to the kitchen.
  4. Put Extra Insulation – Uninsulated basements lose approximately 20-35% heat loss. As an effort to make your home more energy efficient, it is best to put extra insulation in your basement.
  5. Add Another Bathroom – You will add much more value to your home if you add another bathroom on a different level or in your master bedroom.
  6. Replace Your Appliances – Just replacing your refrigerator and dishwater will create an energy efficient environment and appear new and modern.
  7. Install A Programmable Thermostat – You will save 2% on your heating bill for every one degree Celsius you lower your thermostat.
  8. Add A Deck – Everyone loves to spend time outside and a deck is a perfect place to hang out. By adding a deck, you add more living space to your home.
  9. Create A Separate Family Room – Any unused space you have either in the basement or attic, convert it to a family room.
  10. Create Curb Appeal – By updating your exterior of your house you can add up to 14% to your property value.

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