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A great improvement to your home and decor is updating your standard baseboard. Many people seem to overlook the little things when it comes to renovating or updating their home, but it’s these little things like baseboards, trimwork and hardware that makes the most difference. Here are some baseboard ideas for your home.


Baseboard Ideas For Your Home

  • Decide On What Look You Want – There are many styles of baseboard to compliment your style and home decor. Before choosing your baseboard look at the structure of your home and how you decorate your home. If you find that your home is new and modern, straight clean angles are preferable. However, if your house is a craftsman style, you can add more dazzle to your baseboard.
  • Decide On Height Of Baseboard – To make your baseboard stand out, go with a thick high baseboard paired with hardwood. If you want a subtle look, go with a standard height of 4 inches.
  • White Or Natural? – Currently, what is in style is white. There are those, however, who like the look of natural wood and would prefer that but know that it could date your home.
  • Doing Crown Molding? – If you decide to do crown molding make sure your crown is 1.5x higher than your baseboard.

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