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Its seems like the last thing homeowners do is purchase windowcoverings for their windows. Although they can be expensive, they are a requirement if you want privacy from onlookers. Choosing window treatments, needless to say, can be overwhelming but if you follow some basic tips it won’t feel as daunting.


Basic Window Treatment Tips

  • Choose How Much Privacy You Want – Based on how much privacy you want will indicate the type of window treatment to get. For example, curtains come in sheer or cloth and can offer partial or total privacy once closed, but no privacy when opened. Mini blinds or wooden blinds gives you the option to partially close or fully open the slats. This might be the toughest decision as many window treatments can offer full privacy and partial privacy.
  • Pick A Style To Compliment Your Design – This might require some looking through design magazines in order for you to get an idea of what you want. Curtains, for example, offer a more traditional look while mini blinds are more contemporary. Wooden mini blinds creates an almost country look.
  • Look For Functionality Too – Most windows should be covered with some type of window treatment. Make sure to look of the window treatment functionality. For example, a mini blind will do well over a sink in the kitchen where as pleated shades could get wet and stained. Windows in bedrooms and bathrooms need not fancy window treatments. Mini blinds will suffice in these areas.

Common Window Treatments


  • Curtains – They come in many different styles such as tab-top curtains or eyelet curtains. They can be gathered or pleated to give your house a more dramatic look.
  • Roller Shades – Usually come in vinyl or cloth. They are usually opaque and can offer full private coverage.
  • Mini Blinds, Shutters – Standard window treatments that offer a contemporary look in the living room and dining room.
  • Pleated Or Cellular Shades – These are by far the most current type of window treatment and look great with any design. They are energy efficient and are real easy to install.

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