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A coffee table makes a great addition to your home. It’s decorative and functional. Finding the right coffee table, though, can take some time and be difficult. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect coffee table for your house.


Consider Function First

I know you might think, ‘but it has to look good in my house.’ This is definitely true but a coffee table serves many functions. It is used to hold magazines, food and drinks. It can be used as a foot stool or to store toys, knitting or games. It can be used as a table for drawing and doing crafts or just the perfect sleeping spot for your cat. Whatever the style, knowing what you want out of your coffee table will narrow down your options. For example, if you like to relax while watching movies, an ottoman may make a good coffee table. It’s comfortable for your feet and it can be used as an extra place to sit. Or, if you find storage is key, having a coffee table that opens up to storage space will work well in your home.

Select The Style of Coffee Table

For traditional looks, wood always looks good in country homes or craftsman homes or any traditional house. Glass coffee tables can add a modern look to a high-rise condo or your beach front home. Cubes in wood, leather or metal is another way to go modern. For an eclectic look, try making your own coffee table out of a door, an old trough or tree branches.

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