Interior Design Ideas and Trends

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Apartment living is very transient and many people don’t want to take the time to decorate it simply because it can’t be permanent. This shouldn’t stop you, though. With some simply tricks you can turn your drab apartment into a cozy, warm, individualized haven.


Decorating Ideas

One of the biggest things you can do to liven up your apartment is with color. Instead of painting white walls, add some festive wall decorations like paintings or mirrors. Simply by adding a coat rack or a cute sun mirror will make your place instantly warm.
Another key idea is to add curtains and rugs in your place. Many apartment are hardwood so by simply adding a couple colorful and coordinated rugs will connect each area of your apartment. Curtains are an easy way to connect your apartment and to add life to your apartment.
A final consideration to make is to add simple, proportionate sized furniture. Glass tables and simple wrought iron chairs will looks in place in your apartment rather than a stuffy over sized dining room chair and wooden table.

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