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Since the recession is making many families unable to move, it’s a good idea to invest in your home and add to it by renovating it. Ever wonder if you renovate your kitchen or bathroom you will see a return? Should you add a multi-media room instead of an office? These are things to consider when renovating your home. Here are four tips to help you get started.


Will Renovating My Bathroom or Kitchen Add Value To My Home?
In today’s market, it will not. People will pay the same amount of money for a house with no kitchen or bathroom renovations so don’t invest. Instead, update your bathroom and kitchen by adding new hardware, giving it a fresh coat of paint and changing light fixtures.

Don’t Renovate For Today, Renovate For Tomorrow
Trends come and go but your renovation doesn’t. When looking for ideas, make sure you don’t look at current trends. For example, open concept was once the new thing. Now, it’s more compartmentalized. Dark wood finishes were the rave, but lighter tones have hit the market. When in doubt, go as simple as possible. If you choose hardwood, go with a natural color and a popular wood like oak or birch. For paint colors, don’t always go bold, stay on the neutral side and add color with accessories.

Budget, Budget, Budget
If you plan on renovating, be it a new deck, hardwood or a new closet, always plan ahead. Talk to others who have renovated and see how much and how long it takes to renovate. If you plan on outsourcing the work, call and see how long the wait list is.

Renovate One Are At A Time
Many people have big dreams for their home. They want to knock down walls, have new cabinetry, hardwood, crown molding and wainscoting. Taking on too much will cut your projects and take twice as long. Focus on one area or one room and complete that one area or room until it is finished. Have a plan and stick to it.

Renovating your home can bring new life into it. Good luck!

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