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Over here at iForDesign, we are what you could call gadget freaks. Even though most of our days are spent designing homes and gardens, we always take time to drool over the latest and greatest in the tech world. Welcome the Nexus One from Google. As everybody knows, Apple’s iPhone revolutionized smart phones and not many companies have been able to compete with the popularity of the iPhone.

That is, until Google came around. Google decided to make a phone, called the Nexus One, as a competitor to the iPhone. Will it kill the iPhone or are they in for a fierce battle?
Google Nexus One phoneApple iPhone

The Nexus One is a HTC built, snapdragon-powered phone that is newly designed and streamlined for the public. The hardware if very similar to the iPhone, specifically it is very sleek and ultra-thin. When looking at it, it looks like an iPhone and the Palm Pre put together.

When comparing wifi browsing speed, the iPhone does come out ahead in terms of getting internet web pages to load faster. Browsing on the Nexus is similar to the iPhone. Both scroll the same and both appear to be the same and not as choppy. Some cool functions of the Nexus is the live wallpaper function. You can have a wallpaper that moves under your navigation menu which many people are excited to see and use. Another neat thing is the microphone option to texting or emailing. Instead of typing, Google has a microphone key on the QWERTY keyboard. Just press the key and talk and it will analyze what you said and type it out. It isn’t perfect but it is an interesting option to have.

Don’t worry about Nexus killing the iPhone. The iPhone comes out ahead over the Nexus in terms of web browsing and display look. Let the hype calm down with the Nexus and see if it lasts.

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