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Nowadays you have to match your kitchen trash can to your appliances in order to have a glam kitchen. Where you put your trash can say a lot about your sense of style. Some people like to keep it tucked away in a cupboard while others want to display it as a focal point in their kitchen. With so many varieties it’s hard to choose.

Source: iTouchless

Source: iTouchless

For the modern touch, you can go with an itouchless trash can. As seen on TV, it detects your hand inches from the trash can and lifts automatically. These brands of touchless trash cans are definitely popular. Similarly, you can choose a simplehuman trash can design that is sleek, stainless and comes in a variety of sizes and displays.

Whichever design of trashcan you buy, be sure it can accommodate the amount of trash you and your family accumulate, has a design that suits your kitchen and functions appropriately. Good hunting!

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