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Is your bedroom in need of a face lift? Often, the bedroom can become outdated in a few years, but luckily there are some few tips to help modernize your bedroom. Decorating your bedroom can be easy if you know what to do. There are some key points to know before starting a bedroom project.

Fabric Choice
First of all you want to think about what you want your bedroom to look like. Do you want a romantic feel or a serene feel to the room? Do you want it to be airy and full of light or dark and luscious? As well, consider what the color palette will be before you choose your fabric. It’s a good idea to look through decorating magazines in order to get some ideas and inspiration. Rip out what you like and create an “Idea Folder” for your bedroom. Over time you may notice some patterns forming like similar colors or styles. Read the rest of this entry »