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When deciding to renovate your house there are many design details to take into consideration. Nothing can change the look of a room more dramatically then a fresh coat of paint in a suitable color for the decor. While painting may appear to be easy, the truth is it requires a lot of preplanning, a steady hand, and a good quality of paint. If you ignore any one of these areas, you run the risk of ending up with a subpar job and a room looking worse than it did before you began painting.


When going to the store to select paint, most people spend their time trying to find the perfect color but they often fail to select a quality paint in the proper sheen. Using a quality paint like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore will definitely cost you more but it pays off in ease of use and quality of the finished product.

Paint comes in many different sheens and they are named slightly differently depending on the company. In general, you will find that paint comes in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss sheens. Using flat paint is one of the secrets professional painters use to create magazine-quality walls. While the home renovation store will probably recommend an eggshell or even a semi-gloss sheen for your main living areas due to ease of clean up, many people don’t realize that paint technology has advanced quite a bit lately and you can find washable, durable, flat paints. Flat paints have next to no shine when the light hits them and this creates a soft velvety smooth look.

Even though a semi-gloss paint is usually suggested when painting kitchen and bathrooms, you can easily get away with a quality, washable flat paint in the kitchen. This will give your kitchen more of a high end designer home feel and not the suburban cookie-cutter look. Make sure to paint your bathroom ceilings with a mold resistant paint. It will be difficult to find this in a flat paint but you can usually find it in eggshell which is quite a bit less glossy than a semi-gloss. Some companies offer a version between eggshell and semi-gloss and this is usually a perfect choice for a bathroom.

Just remember that employees at home renovation stores are not typically professional painters and are usually trained to recommend people to avoid flat paint for anything other than ceilings. You don’t have to be scared of flat paint, just make sure you get a washable type. Your friends and neighbors will likely compliment you on your paint choice and you may become the neighborhood expert on painting.

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