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Wainscoting refers to adding material that covers the lower portion of a wall. It is usually done with molding, panels and columns. Wallpaper can also be used. Adding wainscoting to your bedrooms adds a great touch to renovating your room. With so many choices, you can tailor your bedroom to exactly what you want. It also adds value to your home and makes your bedroom very appealing. It is also extremely easy to install so over a weekend you can transform your bedroom. Here are some wainscoting ideas for your bedroom.


For a nursery, installing beadboard is a great way to decorate and adds a classic look. Beadboard is the most traditional type of wainscoting and it refers to the vertical grooves in the panels. This look is a very Cape Cod or Cottage style but does good in any traditional house. Paint the beadboard white and measure to chair height. You can place it all around the room or on one wall.

Wainscoting with deep panels with simple rectangle divisions is seen as a craftsman style look. It looks good if a bigger kid bedroom, the master bedroom or other parts of the house like the living room.

Besides wainscoting, you can add a chair rail which will create depth to the bedroom. Paint one half white or create stripes and paint the other half a solid color. For a less traditional look but definitely more formal, take the chair rail or wainscoting up to the ceiling.

With what ever style you choose, know that wainscoting will add a decorative touch and value to your home.

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